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Permit me to introduce Amecan and its services, products &  associates.

Amecan is a sales Agency representing many specialized producers of electrical and electronic wires and cables.

Amecan has 30 years of experience and participation in the electrical and electronic industry.

Amecan is associated with, producers with special commitments to Manufacture electrical and electronic wires, UL-CSA-Military-RoHs approved. Be competitive with minimum production runs required. Give you exquisite service. Respect you and your organization with a personal and professional work ethic.

Amecan and its associates consider you and your organization has a business partner and not just a customer.

Amecan wants to earn your confidence and also give you the guaranty to do everything in its power to maintain it.

Please accept my best and personal regards

Leonard Lapointe, President

Electrical & Electronic Wire and & Cables 

Electronic: Audio- Communication- Video-  Computer- Instrumentation- Fire alarm- Aircraft- Fixture- Camera- Snake & Premium snake- Data

High Temperature: TEW- TR-64- ETFE,Tefzel M-22759/16-  Silicone, SEW-1,SEW-2

Portable cords: SJOOW- SJEOOW- SOOW- SEOOW- SJTOW- STOW- SVT- SVTO- Mil- DTL-3432- Coil Cords

Mining cable: W- GG-C- SHD-GC- Special construction

Flexible cable: Welding- DLO Epr/Hypalon- Stage Lighting-  CLN- CLR

Aerial cable: Aluminium AAC- AAAC- ACSR- Triplex- Quadruplex

High Voltage cable: Copper & Aluminium- XLPE- EPR- 5kv- 15kv- 28kv- 35kv- 69kv

Control cable: PVC/PVC- XLP/PVC- EPR/Hypalon- Teflon/Teflon- Silicon/Silicone- Robotic- Special Construction- Plenum FT-6

Shipboard & Marine: CSA- UL- IEEE- Coast Guard- MIL.

Braided connexions: Copper & Aluminium- with and without connectors

Approvals: UL-CSA-IEEE- MSHA- Military- AEIC- RoHS




Léonard Lapointe
Tel: (514)
Fax: (514) 683-1267

5210 Riviera, suite 304
Pierrefonds, Quebec 
Canada  H8Z 2Z6






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